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Need a break, family emergency, or long overdue vacation?  

We are available worldwide for weeks, month, or longer

When you have your own Guest House it is often very difficult being away in case of unpredicted events or to take a family vacation.


Mostly, Owners take few breaks or just close their Guest House for the time of their absence.

The shortfall can be particularly important. Tiredness and weariness could set in.


Our tailormade cover solutions will help you to leave with total peace of mind.

While you are away:


Your business continues,

Your guests are pampered,

Your house does not remain unoccupied,

Your pets are nurtured. They stay in their own environment,

Your property and gardens are maintained,

You earn money and we contribute to increase your visibility!


Ask us whatever you want! We’re here to answer any questions you have. 


Email: contact@swiss-guesthouse-sitters.com

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