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The Adventure began in 2016 with a desire for change, a desire to live differently, a desire for discovery, relationship and travel.

The idea of ​​running a Guest House somewhere in Europe or elsewhere is already very present. But where? Sea or Mountain? South or North? Mediterranean or Atlantic? Alps or Pyrenees? Tropics?


We decide to embark on a little Tour of Europe in "Slow Traveller" mode to find the House and the ideal place.

To travel differently and at a lower cost, we register on different Housesitting platforms. These platforms bring together people who are looking for someone to entrust their home and pets during their holidays on the other hand and people who are looking for a place to stay for a shorter or longer period on the other. It is a free exchange of services on both sides.


We wanted Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro ... but at this time of year there are few Housesitting offers for these destinations. It will rather be Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal!

We respond to several announcements and wait for our profile to hit the target.


By the merest chance (or not) the first positive response comes from Switzerland! Jacqueline and Pierre are looking for people they can trust to look after their house and their chickens during their next holidays.

By the merest chance (or not) BIS Jacqueline and Pierre are the Owners of a superb Guest House in the region of Bex, Wallis, Switzerland « La Maison du Directeur » ... and there ... the penny dropped!


Why not to offer them to take care of their House, chickens and the GUESTS?!


An appointment was made a few days later at « La Maison du Directeur ».

After a good tea, a good pie, a very good feeling, a few exchanges, a few legitimate hesitations, our first replacement mandate is born ... Swiss Guesthouse Sitters is born!


Many others will follow this first one-month replacement.


Today, after 6 years of existence, Swiss Guesthouse Sitters works with around thirty Partners in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, England, Reunion Island and Guadeloupe!

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