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Sophie, Jérôme & Timéo - Chalet Diognysos bed & breakfast

Diogne, Crans-Montana (Switzerland)

Translated from French

Going on holidays when you have your own Bed and Breakfast? Yes, it is essential for

the balance of our family life!

After more than 4 intense years since managing the project and building the Chalet following by the opening of our Bed & Breakfast, the break for real holidays was needed and well deserved time of rest. Thank you to the Experts Carole & Véronique, we left "almost" calmly. It is always difficult to "letting go" ... but you get used to it quickly.


With an upstream and meticulous preparation as well as digital exchanges on demand, their Management of our B&B and our holidays went very well. We warmly Thanks and we also strongly urge the Swiss Guesthouse Sitters to any interested B&B Owners!


Thank you and see you next time in the Valais Alps.


Sophie, Jérôme & Timéo

Chalet Diognysos Bed and Breakfast, Diogne (Crans-Montana), Switzerland

maisonambronay swissguesthousesitters remplacementmaisondhotes ambronay innkeeper

Nathalie - La Maison d'Ambronay

Ambronay (France)

Translated from French

Off duty?

What a Question?

Leave the Cat, the Flowers, the House? 

5 years that I had not taken a getaway because I had no answer in all of these questions.


One day, I received an email regarding this service ... incredible! I would never have imagined that this profession exists and what a job...

Carole and Veronique, an unbelievable duo 👌

Very professional, very reassuring, all in all 👌  

They spend 48 hours before departure, to work like me!!

And the customer feedback is superb. 

Many thanks, you are very valuable.

I'm leaving very soon, now that you're there! 

Nathalie - La Maison d'Ambronay

letempssuspendu provence swissguesthousesitters remplacementmaisondhotes

Valérie and Eric - Le Temps Suspendu en Provence

Pernes-lesFontaines (France)

Translated from French

A big thank you to you 2! Delighted guests, a house held as if it were us ...  


I highly recommend Carole & Véronique who showed great professionalism during our absence. The Guest House has been managed very well ... THANKS.


In addition to this, we will call upon your services with our eyes closed.

lalisiere durbuy swissguesthousesitters remplacementmaisondhotes

Béné and Steph - La Lisière

Durbuy (Belgium)

Translated from French


We warmly thank Carole and Véronique for their extraordinary concept which, FINALLY, allowed us to take full advantage of a few days off.

From the start, their sympathy and humor won us over. We therefore left with peace of mind. No regrets, because upon our return, and looking the guest reviews, all customers were also delighted.

What professionalism! Regardless of whether for the Welcome, cleaning, meals, animals (cats and goats) as well as green plants they have cared.

Many thanks. We ask for more.

See you soon, we hope.

Béné & Steph, Chatoune & Pattex, Lili, Ginette & Florette

CouettedAzur SwissGuesthouseSitters Remplacementmaisondhotes

Catherine and Jérôme- Couette d'Azur

La Cadière-d'Azur (France)

Translated from French


Dear Swiss Guesthouse Sitters,


I am a bit ashamed to show you our gratitude. With this in mind, as you will have understood, that in the South, we are less in Swiss accuracy! So that is why…


For those who hesitate to entrust its Guest House, but I think, especially their Guests, let yourself be tempted by the experience. I have a little trouble delegating in general, I am also very demanding with myself for the daily duties and the management of my Guest House. With attention to details, then the idea of entrusting its Guest House was not obvious! But, we all know that after a few years that our activity requires Energy, personal involvement, and that, from there to there, we sometimes forget about ourselves... When we meet with Carole & Véronique, the situation changed suddenly! The 3 of us had a very good feeling, first very important thing! After a friendly exchange of views at home, the reflexion gained ground! I said, « come on ». Lets try! « Appointment » made for July 2020.


In conclusion: Despite a chaotic situation, the test is more than conclusive. Everything went perfectly well. Véronique & Carole adapt very quickly to your environment, your methods, your tools, and especially ... to Your Guests!

We have had great feedback from Guests. It just goes to show! No one is irreplaceable!!!

And yet, the workload was intensive, but they did not fail! Carole handle it like a boss with a capricious swimming pool ... And Vero ended up stealing my recipe of « French Financier »!! .

And we ... We had a good time, and enjoyed, for once, the beautiful days of July.


Sincerely, don't hesitate if you have the idea in mind. Give the keys to Carole & Véronique with confidence. You will be the Winners of the Experience.


Thanks to you two.

See you soon for new adventures.

Take care of yourself.

Catherine & Jerome

lavilladelaplage swissguesthousesitters remplacementmaisondhotes maisondhotes lareunion

Delphine and Alain- La Villa de La Plage

La Saline les Bains (La Réunion, France)

Translated from French


THANK YOU to Véronique and Carole who allowed us to take a real holiday in peace and they have masterfully managed our structure in our absence.

They really know how to adapt to each other's way of doing things. Our loyal customers were delighted with their availability and always good mood. The Guest’s reviews received during their interim are excellent.

What more can we ask for?

And for us, a real break because they managed phone calls, emails, social networks, bookings, suppliers.

So see you soon ...


Delphine and Alain

lavilladescannes swissguesthousesitters remplacementmaisondhotes maisondhotes lareunion

Barbara and Antoine - La Villa des Cannes

Sainte-Marie (La Réunion, France)

Translated from French


We called upon the Services of « Swiss Guesthouse Sitters » in October 2019 for running our Guest House while our absence. We simply want to add our own personal testimony and salute the Professionalism, the Capacity of Adaptation, the Energy, the Versatility shown by Véronique during our absence.

Her investment since day one reassured us and allowed us to feel with full confidence to leave "Peace of Mind" on holiday! Our garden, our little Blanchette (the cat of the house) were delighted and pampered during our absence.

We thank them for finally allowing us to take a breath for a few days while continuing the activity. When we returned, Véronique came very kindly to welcome us at the airport, we had the pleasure of returning to our house very well kept, clean and neat.

We hope to repeat the experience as soon as possible and thank them again for their investment!  See you soon then!


Barbara, Antoine, Ruben and obviously « Blanchette ».

villaromeo lareunion swissguesthousesitters remplacementmaisondhotes maisondhotes

Florence and Philippe - Villa Roméo

Étang-Salé-les-Hauts (La Réunion, France)

Translated from French


We left our 4-key Guest House at La Réunion for 4 weeks in safe hands of Carole and Veronique in July 2019.

We retrieved our home sweet home and our 5 bedrooms Guest House of perfect conditions.

The garden had been carefully swept and the whole was breathing clean.

We had some feedback from our neighbours as well as from our hosts and they all praised the very good mood and the Professionalism of our 2 hostesses.

One a personal basis, we appreciated to get emails regularly to keep us informed when needed or just to reassure us. Never too much or too little….

We are delighted to see them again and to leave once again our business to the responsibility of Swiss Guesthouse Sitters.

Philippe & Florence Villa Romeo

The Swiss Guesthouse sitters looked after our 8 bedroomed guest house for almost 3 weeks in June 2019.

This is the second time they have worked with us and the transition this time was seamless.

They fitted back into their roles so easily and this meant no stress for us before our well earned holiday! Communication was excellent and we felt confident that our home was being well looked after.

Guests have reviewed us on trip advisor and mentioned how wonderful Carole and Veronique were.


Thank you so much for treating our business and your own.

We look forward to working with you again.

Sophie and Phill


Sophie and Phill - The Belfry Whitby

Whitby (UK)


Betty and Hervé - La Porte Bleue au 31

Cavignac (France)

Translated from French:

And thanks to you, the Swiss Guesthouse Sitters for allowing us to put our heads outside and give in to our "biker" passion.


Found a sunny house, a beautiful garden full of flowers, cats in very good shape, nice words in the guest book and praise on the social media! 


B&B Owners, Swiss Guesthouse Sitters, it is your freedom for a break, an outstanding work, a good mood constantly renewed. We say 5 ***** (at least) and a big thank you!

And of course already "To next year" for new adventures. Wishing you Good luck and in your beautiful schedule!

Abbey York GH.jpg

Jane and Kingsley - Abbey Guest House

York (UK)

We have just enjoyed a very relaxing two week holiday, having left our home, two cats – Tulip &
Monty, and of course our guest house, in the very safe hands of Carole & Veronique. It was easy to
relax because we were very impressed by their whole approach in providing relief management for

It’s now day four after our return and we couldn’t be more pleased. Everything has been completed
to the highest standard, with all the daily administration tasks finished competently & professionally.
There is nothing left for us to do, other than to fit straight back in to our usual routine!

Our home is beautifully clean and tidy. Our cats are happy & content. Due to ill health, Tulip
requires a lot of medication both in tablet & liquid form, Veronique was more than up to the
challenge and clearly loved them both.

We are also delighted to read the wonderful reviews and guest comments. Our guests have all very
much appreciated being looked after so well.

We have absolutely no hesitation in entrusting our home, cats & business to the Swiss Guest House
Sitters and hope to do so again next year. If you are looking to take a break from your guest house,
we highly recommend Carole & Veronique to you. You won’t regret it and will probably wish you
had done so sooner!

Thank you very much and see you again!

Jane & Kingsley
Abbey Guest House


Translated from French:

Thank you to Swiss Guesthouse Sitters, Carole & Véronique for allowing us to take these few days of relaxation!

As always, professionalism and an eye for detail within the day-to-day working practices.🙏


Carol and Patrice - B&B Josaphat Park

Brussels (Belgium)

Translated from French:

During our first holidays together since 5 years, we were fortunate to have Swiss Guesthouse Sitters at home running throughout October, La Porte Bleue au 31, our charming B&B who cultivates discreet luxury and stylish comfort in Cavignac. 


Such Happiness! Delighted guests, our home « is satisfied » (we know it, it is being expressed…), even the cats were pampered. 


Maintenance, cleaning, gardening, swimming pool, breakfasts (even totally outside the schedule!), dinners, everything was perfect.

Such comfort, such luxury, such a pleasure! We strongly recommend Carole and Véronique to all those need a well-deserved break with peace of mind.


We thank you Véronique and Carole and we are pleased that other dates are booked…!


See you soon and keep up your great job without changing a thing. It is just perfect!


Best wishes, Betty and Hervé, La Porte Bleue au 31, Cavignac.



Betty and Hervé - La Porte Bleue au 31

Cavignac (France)

Translated from French:

Since we opened our Bed & Breakfast in 2013, our commitment was total, daily and with few days off!

So when we bumped into Carole and Véronique in our way, we exchanged our ideas via Skype, we quickly thought that finally a solution becomes clear to have few days off, without having to close our business!


And our hopes were not disappointed, Carole and Veronique quickly ran our business in capable hands and allowing us to fully relax whilst away!


The confirmation of their professionalism did not come from us, but from the guests they greeted and who, nearly unanimous, complimented them and made it known by excellent quotes on our main booking platform!


Only downside, they will not be enough available within the coming months to reach Brussels! Hurry up and contact them as soon as possible!


Carol and Patrice - B&B Josaphat Park

Brussels (Belgium)

Thank you so much to Carole and Veronique for taking such great care of our business and home while we took a well deserved break.

They were professional from our first introduction to handing back over after three weeks.

All of our guests were happy with their stay and that makes us happy too! They spoke so highly of their enthusiasm for hospitality.


Our home was kept spotlessly clean and high standards maintained throughout.

Business tasks such as shopping, ordering and bookings were carried out professionally and thoroughly. Getting back from holiday to a clean guesthouse and smiling faces was wonderful!

Thank you so much for looking after our business so well. 

Phill & Sophie

The Belfry Whitby


Sophie and Phill - The Belfry Whitby

Whitby (UK)

Translated from French:

A big Thank-you to Carole and Véronique 💐 www.facebook.com/swissguesthousesitters/

For the 3rd time, we entrusted them with our Bed & Breakfast Le Riad des Neiges.😊😊



Anne & Michel Descuves

Route of Fellina 40

1873 Val d'Illiez

riad des neiges logo.png

Anne and Michel - Le Riad des Neiges

Val d'Illiez (Switzerland)

Translated from French:


When Swiss Guesthouse Sitters offered us its services via an email, we had never considered giving our Guest House to anyone. A face-to-face meeting will have changed everything. This singular approach first challenged us, then seduced and now conquered.

On the occasion of holidays, we decided to leave our Guest House open and to entrust it to Carole and Véronique for 10 days.

From the very start, we felt confident that our guests would be in very good hands.

We appreciated the professionalism of our exchanges, their willingness to understand our philosophy of welcome, an eye for detail and perfection.

During our absence, we were totally confident and had wonderful holidays completely worry free.

Everything went wonderfully well and when we got back, what a joy to find our « Home Sweet Home » perfectly held, to read the rave reviews of our guests ... and even more!


A big Thank-you ! You knew how perfectly to perpetuate the passion for hospitality that is dear to us, even beyond our expectations and it is with great pleasure that we will again call upon your services.


We encourage our fellow Owners of Guest Houses and B&B’s to leave peacefully on holidays and enjoy your large area of expertize and we will not miss to praise consistently your merits around us. Full success in your business, you deserve it!


Patricia - Chalet Le Rucher

Vex (Switzerland)

Translated from French:


We placed our trust on Carole and Véronique to cover us in our B&B, the Riad des Neiges, in Val-d'Illiez, Switzerland during our absence.


The B&B has 3 bedrooms in the Swiss chalet style and a "mazot" (typical rural chalet).

Between 13 and 30 September, they managed to welcome the guests, informed them about the region, with the thermal baths, hiking opportunities and place where to eat.

They took very good care to maintain all the exteriors of the property, the henhouse and hens, gardens, Jacuzzi, « mazot », as well as the inside of our large house.


We offer our guests a breakfast with a selection of homemade products, such as jams, yogurts, dried meats, bread baked in a wood oven, etc., and we could notice that they guarantee this choice perfectly. The guest’s feedbacks are excellent.


We are completely satisfied with their services and we will renew, with great pleasure, our confidence in Carole and Véronique during our next holidays in January 2018.


Anne & Michel Descuves

Route of Fellina 40

1873 Val d'Illiez


riad des neiges logo.png

Anne and Michel - Le Riad des Neiges

Val d'Illiez (Switzerland)

​We have a small charming B&B in the Catalonian wine region called „Penedés“ southwest of Barcelona. For the last two weeks of our kids summer holidays we looked for somebody who was capable of maintaining our house and pets in very good conditions and at the same time running our small B&B business.


After having put our home & business on the house sitter market Carole & Veronique applied very quickly for this task. Initially we had some email conversations and then we arranged to meet them over Skype … and we agreed after only 45 minutes on putting our home and business in their hands for 2 weeks.


We also agreed on some days for getting to know our home, pets and business with all its different aspects prior to the house sit and Carole & Veronique were happy to arrive 6 days before we left for holidays. At the end 6 days may have been a bit too long but it gave us also the opportunity getting to know each other a bit better and for Carole & Veronique the time to explore the surroundings of our wine region.


After this initial training Carole & Veronique not just took over our house, the animals and our garden…they also managed very nicely and professionally with their language skills and without any hesitation our B&B business for the two weeks agreed.


Besides the „normal“ house sitting tasks that had to be done anyway…Carole & Veronique had to check-in new guests, explained them what to do in the area and where to go for dinner or lunch, prepared a daily breakfast in a buffet style, cleaned the rooms daily and prepared them for new guests. In addition they managed very well our hotel software to keep track of all back office necessities including writing invoices etc. …Even the pool had to be kept in good conditions and both Carole & Veronique have not been afraid of taking on responsibilities for some technical tasks as well…like checking our heating and alarm system, etc.


The feedback we have got from our guests during that time were all very positive…especially their determination and friendliness got us very nice feedback for both of them about how they treated our guests from all over Europe … and all this for a time while we had peace of mind being on our own holiday with our kids…what a perfect win-win situation!


Overall this was our very first house sit arrangement (but definitively not our last) and it was a very positive experience for us. With Carole & Veronique we have found two trustworthy and professional ladies who are capable of running a B&B business, maintaining your home & garden and keeping your animals happy.


Upon leaving we agreed with Carole & Veronique to look after our home and business again in 2018…this time for a longer period…


We wish Carole & Veronique plenty of nice house sits until next summer wherever they wish to be and lots of friendly house owners who value their work and professionalism in the way we do.


Sunny greetings from Catalunya


Ariane & Rainer Paasch


Ariane and Rainer - Arianel.la

Torreles de Foix (Spain)

​Veronique & Carole took care of our seven bedroom guest house, our home and our 1 year old dog during a very busy week in August whilst we went back home for a wedding.

Occupancy was 100% for the whole duration of their visit and they both adapted so well. They took to it naturally and we loved their positive ‘can do’ attitude with their very welcoming approach with guests.

This is also proven in our guest feedback as we received plenty of positive reviews in our guest book and online.


We received regular updates of the guesthouse/dog, which was comforting as it was the first time we had left our home/business/pet with somebody else.


On our return the house was spotlessly clean, well-organised and everything was just perfect - I'd even say it was cleaner than we had left it!


Hannah, William, Charlie and Sky - The Montana

Torquay (UK)


Jacqueline and Pierre - La Maison du Directeur

Bex (Switzerland)

Translated from French 

Hello Carole, Hello Véronique,

It's been a month since we returned from holidays, and what beautiful holidays! We are still impregnated with these wonderful days spent in this splendid country.

All this could not have been experienced this way, if you had not been there to cover us and manage our home.

No worries during our absence, everything was executed to perfection!

- Our hens are more beautiful than before

... the house perfectly kept, and where we are bluffed is that you have managed our guesthouse as real professionals.

We know from the comments of our guests that you have pampered. In addition you have perfectly assured the management of the reservations.

What more can we say! Well ... congratulations and thank you! And that thanks to yours charming personalities, we should go all year-round on vacations, with our eyes closed.

We are also delighted that other owners can also benefit from your professional skills!


Yours sincerely, Jacqueline and Pierre, at the DIRECTOR'S HOUSE, in Bex. (Swiss).